At FlorAmor we work with respect for humans, the natural world and the environment. We do our best to limit our impact on our surroundings to a minimum. Below are a few examples that illustrate our environmentally friendly approach.

  • there is a double energy screen in the heated greenhouses
  • plants are irrigated with collected rainwater
  • there is a recirculation system to capture and recirculate the water that we use in the greenhouses, meaning that water is reused
  • we make maximum use of biological crop protection methods, which means that where possible, biological control agents are used to fight pests and diseases – so the use of pesticides is kept to an absolute minimum
  • beehives have been sited on our company grounds, which ensure that we are making a contribution to mother nature too
  • as a result we have the relevant sustainability certificates, enabling us to guarantee our clients that we meet the strict requirements as regards care for humans, the environment and quality