Flandresse Azalea

The Azalea has been a jewel in the Belgian horticultural crown for more than a century now, and the Flandresse Azalea is one of the best-known azalea brands. Flandresse offers an azalea whose exuberant blooms make it both modern and timelessly classic.

The Flandresse Azalea is a truly magnificent houseplant that brightens up every living room for weeks with its sumptuous floral display. Its long flowering period, huge diversity of colours and wide range of sizes and shapes are the secrets to the Flandresse Azalea’s success.

Flandresse offers a wide range of sizes, from small to large and distinctive. The Azaleas are available in special versions such as pyramid shapes, or as standards, always in an array of colours and boasting their unique long flowering period.

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