After years of intensive incrossing, the Viv Collection was born out of the highest-quality and most innovative Hellebore varieties. It takes between eight and ten years to develop a new Viv cultivar and launch it onto the market. This process demands great skill and patience. Only the very best varieties that pass the strictest quality control are included in the Viv Collection.
The hellebore is a garden or patio plant and likes to stand outside, even when it is very cold. Indeed a hellebore has an ingenious system for protecting itself during a frost: when the temperature drops below freezing, the plant temporarily pumps the moisture out of its flowers into its leaves and roots. This causes the flowers to lie completely flat. As soon as the temperature is back above 0°C, the moisture is pumped back and your hellebore is returned to its former glory.
Hellebores grow best in light shade, beneath high, deciduous trees or shrubs.
Viv Victoria Hellebore: with its fresh green leaves and intense, dark purple flowers that stand up nicely above the foliage, this Viv Victoria hellebore will act as the centrepiece of your patio or garden. The Viv Victoria flowers profusely from September to April.
Viv Valentina Hellebore: de Viv Valentina is a true Lenten rose that produces beautiful deep red blooms from January to the end of March. The flowering of the Viv Valentina is the first sign of spring on your patio!

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