As of today ID’Flor and De Bruyne – Flandresse are joining forces and together are establishing FlorAmor.

Thanks to this synergy, we are bringing together two strong Belgian players with a passion for the azalea product and for other ornamental horticultural products grown in Flanders. FlorAmor will continue to market both brands – Hortinno Home & Garden and Flandresse Indoor & Outdoor.

“FlorAmor unites the best of both worlds. Craftsmanship in a high-quality range combined with a strongly commercial, direct approach and in-depth market insight. With a complete range of azaleas, in all sizes, shapes and varieties, indoor & outdoor, FlorAmor is the one-stop shop in Western Europe. It is also possible for orders to be tailored to customers’ requirements.

At FlorAmor you will find the complete range of the only genuine Belgian azalea.”

With this leverage effect, FlorAmor aims to work directly and professionally, relieving its customers of any concerns and cutting out unnecessary intermediaries. FlorAmor thus goes far beyond the products that it supplies and offers tailor-made solutions, combined with an optimal service:

  • Short delivery times.
  • Efficient handling of intricate same-day orders and complex orders.
  • Capacity for XXL order (e.g. ‘Kom op tegen kanker’).
  • Smooth tracking & tracing.
  • Products continuously available during the season.
  • Highly organised supply chain.

FlorAmor NV is being founded as of 18 June 2018. Operational activities begin as of 1 July.

New company data:

Stationsstraat 111
9080 Lochristi

For all commercial information, your contact persons both before and after 1 July will continue to be:

Kris VERHAEGEN (tel. +32 475 41 14 84)
Christoph STEVENS (tel. +32 476 84 11 20)

For general information please contact the directors:

Petra BRACKENIER – Director FLORAMOR (tel. +32 475 27 12 18)
Koen ROGGEMAN – Director FLORAMOR (tel. +32 475 95 37 44)