Flandresse is the quality mark under which we sell our products. The Azalea is our most important product; but our nurseries also specialise in growing clivias, roses, ready-to-use patio plants and a variety of other plants.

Our driven team works passionately day in, day out to be a reliable and loyal supplier to our customers.

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Hortinno® stands for ‘horticulture innovation’ and is the consumer quality mark of the firm Hortibreed. For more than 30 years, Hortibreed has been a prominent and passionate breeder of indoor azalea, outdoor japonica and rhododendron. The Hortibreed team works with a passion for their product, their client and the end consumer.

In the magical quest for new varieties, some 50,000 plants are sown and assessed every year. Only the best of these are retained. It takes a minimum of eight to ten years to develop a new Hortinno® cultivar and launch it onto the market. Hortibreed’s R&D experience enables us to market plants that are fully commercial in terms of their appearance, long flowering period, user-friendliness and durability.

The Hortinno range

Within the Hortinno Home range, the collections are divided into four clear styles: authentic, retro, dynamic and vintage. Every Hortinno variety has a unique flower structure, exclusive allure, green shiny leaf and extended flowering period. Hortinno home is the best guarantee for satisfied customers: ‘Enjoy Xtra Long Flowering plants’!

Hortinno Garden is a response to the trend for evergreen patio or garden plants with an extended flowering period.

The rhodo XXL takes its name from its strikingly large, bi-colour large flower cluster. Rhodo Red Devil also has this intense red colour, which offers a perfect contrast to the black heart of the flower. As well as rhododendron, Hortinno is now launching a series of evergreen outdoor japonicas too. These treat the consumer to a sumptuous display of outdoor flowers in Spring: Evergreen is a unique product.

Hortinno garden is undoubtedly the perfect solution to the green trend for outdoor experience. Allowing the consumer to enjoy the intense blooms of the Hortinno garden products is one of Hortibreed’s core objectives.

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